Who we are

Founded on 15 of October 2001, to Vieira Cordeiro S.A., began its history in the town of Alfarelos and only with 7 employees.
Em 2009, due to the exponential growth in the market, it was necessary to build new and larger facilities in the town of Barroco, in the Municipality of Soure where it still operates today.
Em 2006 the company had its first experience abroad and since then it has reached about 15 European countries, South America and African Continent.
To Vieira Cordeiro S.A.. joined by Pormenorvirtual, S.A.; to Vicometal Industrial Assemblies, S.L; e a Vicoinox, S.A.; the union of these companies formed in 2020 the vicometal group, where they work about 200 collaborators.
We operate in the field of metalworking, being a solid company specialized in the manufacture, assembly of industrial equipment and industrial maintenance, acting in the national and international market for more than 20 years.
We carry out assemblies in the most diverse areas of the industry, being them: Cellulose; Cement and Lime; Expanded clays and ceramics; Steelworks and Foundries; Minas; veneered; Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals; and Food;
In Industrial Maintenance we have technicians specialized in the most varied areas of the industry: Cellulose; Cement and Lime; Expanded clays and ceramics; Minas; Steelworks and Foundry; veneered;