Quality policy


Quality policy

The VICOMETAL - Vieira Cordeiro, SA intends to achieve its business objectives, a sustained development plan based on the following principles:

• Consider the customers as business partners. Seek to identify and meet their needs and where possible exceed their expectations;
• Produce profitability for the company to ensure its financial sustainability;
• Comply with the applicable legislation, national regulations, Community and other technical standards issued by the applicable reference agencies, in the field of Quality, Environment and Safety, as well as others to which voluntarily join;
• Guide the organizational strategies in a continuous improvement perspective, by periodically reviewing the processes, Policy, Objectives and Goals;
• To prevent, the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases in order to ensure and maintain high performance standards of occupational health;
• To promote the professional development of its employees, ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions they perform;
• Establish partnership relations with Suppliers and Subcontractors, based on a spirit of ongoing cooperation, aimed at encouraging the provision of better materials and services;
• Interacting with the local community contribute to its development; supporting educational institutions through professional training courses; encourage and value volunteering and humanitarian activities.



NP EN 1090 – CE marking of metal structures

NP EN 9001 – Quality management system

Declaration of Performance DoP metalware 1328-546-00