Resources and Capabilities

In an increasingly global and competitive market, We differentiate ourselves by the capacity of the productive processes 40.000 m2 deployment area.

technical drawing office

thermal cutting process

oxyfuel – up until 200 mm
Plasma – up until 20 mm

Cold cutting process

mechanical saw



Calendering plate

up to 3000mm x 30mm in carbon steel

Calendering profiles


Locksmiths and Tack-certified Welders


Welders qualified by EN 287-1/ EN ISO 9606-1.
Welding Procedures rated ASME IX ; EN ISO 15614-1 / PED
manual welding processes, automatic and robotized
111, 121; 141; 135; 136; 138

Blasting and Painting

Pickling to Sa2 ½
Treatment surface according to EN 12944